The story behind the sound.

It begins…

The Lovers formed in early 2015 by prolific singer/songwriter Marjorie Bledsoe. Bass player Jon Lattier of The Almighty Get Down, percussionist Kristin Agee of Us, Today, and the most recent addition of Mike Bustamante on lead guitar make up the band. Their debut album, which was recorded in Nashville, TN by producer Dan Agee, will be released in late 2016.

Marjorie and Kristin grew up and went to school together in Oxford, Ohio. Both were involved with marching band, and graduated one year apart. They never guessed that they would form a band 15 years later. The group, consisting of Marjorie, Kristin, and her husband Jon, began playing out in early 2015 and were well received in their community of Northside in Cincinnati. Mike Bustamante joined the group in September 2016.

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